The aim of this project was to show everyone (but especially young people) how to bring their ideas to life through coding, demystifying relevant skills and reaching out to stakeholders to increase their knowledge. "Since the dawn of the world we have done a lot of things with stone, iron, paper and pencil that transformed our lives. We are now living in another age where our world is riddled with codes. Different eras mean demand for different jobs and skills. During Code Week we want to give every European the opportunity to discover and have fun writing code. So let's learn how to write codes to shape our future.” (Alessandro Bogliolo, Coordinator of the European Week volunteer group).

Programing and coding also helps developing skills such as computational thinking, problem solving, creativity and teamwork, which are really useful skills in all walks of life.
 Schools at all levels and teachers of all disciplines are strongly invited to participate in European Programming Week to give their students the opportunity to discover the joy of digital creativity and programming. Alikianos General High School participated in this action and organized a number of targeted events. In our school lab students of the 10th and 11th grade participated in the action “Code fighters” and while playing they learned the basic principals programming and coding with Python programming language. Students and teachers programmed Ergobot to make short movements presenting at the same time the abilities of this Robot. Under the supervision of the teachers, students “programmed” their mates to execute some simple functions. Teachers presented the “context exchange algorithm” using … three glasses and some water! References were made to the importance of programming skills for all school students.

At the modern era when our involvement with programmable machines is increasing, we believe that these actions could prepare better young people to use and define new technologies, rather than the opposite. We promise that we will continue to seek out such actions and programs of experiential education in technology, and not only!